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You might be wondering what the words ‘orofacial myology’ mean or how OM Health can help you? 

We work with patients experiencing pain or complications that are related to the muscles in the face, jaw, tongue or neck. We help adults and children, designing tailored treatment plans that aim to get your muscles working as they should.

OM Health is one of Sydney’s leading practices in this field, and one of the first to be established in Australia. Owner Rochelle McPherson has over 25 years of relevant industry experience and has trained many other health professionals in this field.


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How can we help?


We focus on the muscles in the mouth, face and neck region, because we know that when these muscles don’t work properly, they can affect how you eat, breathe and sleep. In a nutshell, they can affect every part of your life. Well functioning orofacial muscles are therefore critical to your overall health!

Our approach is all about treating the cause, not the symptoms. That way, you can get back to enjoying life.

Treatment involves short exercises that train your muscles, a bit like going to the gym and building up other muscles in your body. You can think of your orofacial myologist as a personal trainer for your face and neck region. You’re involved in treatment every step of the way and we set goals together, checking in on progress regularly.

You can trust us and our practitioners because we’ve led the way in this field since 2011. Rochelle’s expertise is sought out regularly by medical specialists, dentists and other health professionals who invite Rochelle to lecture in this field throughout Australia and internationally.

We’ve seen what our treatment can do for other patients and we love seeing the difference it can make to their day-to-day life. We’re committed to achieving that for you too.




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