Teeth and jaw issues

Incorrect swallowing, biting and chewing patterns often create significant pressure on the jaw and teeth. This constant pressure can force teeth out of place as well as prevent teeth from fully erupting through the gum. As a consequence, children with an OMD often develop an abnormal bite. This is due to improper alignment between the upper and lower teeth, and is referred to as “malocclusion”.

Unfortunately, this can lead to a repetitive cycle—improper chewing and swallowing leads to a misaligned jaw, which in turn leads to further improper chewing and swallowing. It is important to break this cycle early to avoid significant issues later in life.


Orofacial myofunctional therapy addresses these issues by training a child’s facial and tongue muscles to function in the optimal way. Through non-invasive, exercise-based techniques, children gradually adopt the correct facial posture, allowing the orofacial muscles to function properly improving orofacial growth and development and avoid cosmetic and functional issues.

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